Our Buddds are Kind

Grateful Dead

Rolling Trays


Our Buddds

Give Back

We plant trees for every product we sell!

5% of all annual profits are donated to preserve & restore our rivers!



Move me Brightly

The CannaBudddy Mission

Beauty.  Quality.  Security.  Charity.

​These are the cornerstones that inspired and gave rise to Cannabudddy.

More than a product; It is an Evolution.

​With cannabis moving out of the basement and into the living room, a new precedent must be set. A new vision created.

The coffee can stashed in the drop down ceiling is unappealing and no longer necessary. A new storage solution is needed.

Something elegant. Something simple. Something Secure.

For the mom, the dad, the grandparent.
​For the businessman, the grad student, the gardener.

Something that carries no stigma or shame.

Still better, something that gives back to the world and improves our communities.

THIS is the new face of cannabis.

THIS is CannaBudddy.

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